Your Zakat & Zakat Fitr for the forgotten refugees 

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    There’s no time to waste. Each day, the global pandemic draws nearer to the refugee camps in Sudan, Yemen and Djibouti. 
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Donate your Zakat & Zakat Fitr & make a difference to the lives of the forgotten refugees in Sudan, Yemen & Djibouti.


Your donation automatically gets doubled when you get 3 friends to donate too.

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Novelist & Author Haji Jaber will be Remembering the Forgotten this Ramadan.


Help us feed the refugees this Ramadan. You can also donate towards Iftar/Sayem or pay your Fidyah & Kaffaarah

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A well is a gift that keeps giving. 

Quench their thirst and bring back the promise of life!

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The needy you help through Ethar Relief are all eligible for Zakat.

Calculate & pay your Zakat now.

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Prove that someone cares and they’re not forgotten. Sponsor an orphan now from as little as £25/month.

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Disabled Children

Disabled children have no-one to value them, and nowhere to go. There is nothing like this in the refugee camps

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Yemen is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Your Zakat and Sadaqah can bring them respite this Ramadan.

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