• Ethiopia Crisis

    A sudden escalation in conflict has broken out in Ethiopia, centred around the Tigray region near to the borders of Eritrea and Sudan.

    Now, another urgent threat to life has emerged.

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  • From Saviours To Refugees

    Read the fascinating story of how the people of Abyssinia stepped up when it really mattered, and became a huge part of history. 
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  • The beauty in consistency

    The most beloved actions to Allah SWT are the ones which are consistent, 
    no matter how small.
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One Donation, 10 Huge Impacts

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​From Saviours To Refugees

Find out about the forgotten history and legacy of the refugees of East Africa.

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Orphan Sponsorship

Prove that someone cares and they’re not forgotten. Sponsor an orphan now from as little as £25/month.

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A Brighter Tomorrow

Long-term issues need long-term solutions. 

See what Ethar is doing and invest in a brighter future today:

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Help us feed refugees and 

their families.
Nutrition prevents disease and helps children to grow up healthy.

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A well is a gift that keeps giving.
Clean water quenches thirst, stops disease spreading and gives life!

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The needy people you help through Ethar Relief are all eligible for Zakat.
Calculate & pay your Zakat now.

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Show a child that you care and they’re not forgotten. Sponsor an orphan now from as little as £25/month.

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Yemen is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Your support can bring vulnerable people hope and respite.

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Regular Giving

The most important actions are the ones which are consistent, no matter how small.

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