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Prevent starvation and malnutrition

Food is vital for physical survival. Help us to drive out hunger and malnutrition from the refugee camps!

Many families, particularly those with young children, totally rely on food packs to stay healthy all year round.
“Treating the problem is only half the challenge. 
Prevention is the key.

– UNICEF, on malnutrition in East Sudan

United Nations
​Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Ethar’s projects support the SDGs agreed upon by governments around the world, to uplift marginalised people and commit to sustainable targets in their interest. Ethar’s projects impact upon the achievement of the following seven goals, and will also have a knock-on effect on others.

Your support makes a huge difference to the lives of the Refugees

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18 Years of Service

Ethar Relief is a UK-registered charity established to help refugees, as well as displaced and disadvantaged people, in the Horn of Africa and Yemen. Ethar was set up by former refugees from Eritrea who survived the harshest conditions in refugee camps. We want to end the suffering that we know exists in these places. The year 2024 signifies Ethar’s 18th year providing humanitarian support to those who need it most.

We’ll use your funds exactly as you’ve asked, and spend them on the project you’ve specified. There are many different challenges facing refugees in the areas where we operate, and new difficulties often appear; in the rare cases where the need elsewhere becomes greater still, we may redistribute your funds within the response area to respond best to that particular emergency.