Maximize Your Impact by Supporting Urgent Causes: 

Donate Where Needed Most


This option provides flexibility to Ethar Relief to allocate funds where they are currently most needed, addressing urgent and changing priorities efficiently. It’s the best way to give when you just want to do good and make sure that your funds are used straight away in the most urgent cases. When refugees in East Africa need help quickly and urgently, your funds given here really do help where needed most.


You may already know that the region where Ethar operates is affected by multiple short and long term conflicts, disasters, and difficulties.

The innocent and vulnerable people caught up in these crises are forced to flee to wherever they can try to escape violence, disease, and death. Normally, this means they are collected into one of the camps in the few remaining spaces where people can go. They find themselves with nothing, in over-crowded and under-resourced spaces, trapped with nowhere to move to and no way to move on with their lives.

For a person arriving from a warzone into such a camp, your donations can mean the difference between eating and starving, living and dying.

Your donations in this category allow swift action in disaster response, such as making shelters and feeding programmes for newly arriving refugees, providing immediate relief after floods or aiding in rapid health interventions during disease outbreaks.


At Ethar Relief, we understand that some needs are unpredictable and urgent. By donating to our "Where Needed Most" fund, you enable us to allocate resources swiftly to where they are needed most, ensuring timely and effective aid to refugees and displaced individuals in East Africa.

Your Impact

Rapid Response

Your donations allow us to react immediately to emergencies, providing life-saving assistance such as food, water, and medical aid.


Funds are used in versatile ways, supporting underfunded projects or new crises as they emerge, ensuring that no need goes unmet.

Continuous Support

Help sustain ongoing programmes that lack sufficient funding, ensuring that all initiatives receive the necessary support to thrive and make a difference to the lives of East African refugees.

Why Donate Where Needed Most?

  • Versatile and Effective: Provide the flexibility to use your donations in the most effective ways possible.
  • Timely Aid: Ensure rapid deployment of resources in response to sudden crises.
  • Transparency and Trust: We are committed to transparency, showing you exactly how and where your donations are making a difference every year in our annual reports.


Donate where it matters most: Make a swift and impactful difference to the lives of East African refugees.