Isolation. Loneliness. The feeling that you have no-one to turn to, to help you, to care for you. The uncertainty about what the next day will bring – life or death? Food or hunger? Safety or danger? This is the lived experience of every orphan in a refugee camp. The dangers they face and the difficulties these children endure are unimaginable.

Prove that someone cares and they’re not forgotten. Sponsor an orphan now from as little as £25/month.

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The plight of orphans and unaccompanied children is desperate. Refugee camps are full of children without anyone to look after them - they are the most vulnerable and face the most danger


In the refugee camps of East Sudan the number of orphans has gone up very sharply since last year, according to official UN figures. 

(Source: UNHCR East Sudan Factsheet, 2019)


Sponsoring a child only costs £25/month (£300/year). You can also give any amount you wish as a general donation towards gifts, treats and experiences for the children.

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Ethar Relief’s orphan sponsorship programme has been supporting orphaned and unaccompanied children for several years, through regular contributions from kind supporters just like you. 


Your sponsorship, whether in the form of Zakat or Sadaqah, provides:

  • All the child’s basic needs, including accommodation in a safe space, daily meals, clothes, and medical care.
  • A good education until they complete secondary school.

  • Rehabilitation, support and specialist equipment. This is really important, as children are affected by many issues resulting from their harsh environment. Specialist support allows them to grow and develop, realising their potential.

  • Security and reassurance about the future – allowing them to stop worrying about food, water, and finding sources of income. Particularly, education is a pathway to better opportunities and a way out of poverty for them and those around them.

  • Reduced stress: Orphans have so many worries that children simply shouldn’t have at that age. Your support makes a huge difference to them both physically and mentally.

  • Regular updates to you: As always, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Become a sponsor of an orphan refugee through Ethar Relief’s Orphan Sponsorship programme. 


Your sponsorship today will save - and build - lives.

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