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Charity Purely for the Sake of Allah


Lillah donations are devoted solely for charitable purposes, not bound by any specific rules or restrictions, allowing flexibility in humanitarian assistance. They are a selfless act of charity where you, the giver, simply wants to earn the pleasure of your Lord.

Lillah is a form of Sadaqah (voluntary charity) not limited to financial aid; it includes all acts aimed at improving the welfare of the refugee community. In the Islamic faith, this type of charity is considered a powerful way to earn rewards in this life and the hereafter. Ethar Relief uses your Lillah donations to fund various humanitarian and development projects that wouldn’t be funded from Zakat.


Lillah funds could be pivotal in emergency responses or health crises, such as outbreak control or immediate medical assistance to injured refugees fleeing conflict.

Educational Programmes

Your Lillah donations support the construction and operation of schools in refugee camps, providing children with a chance for a better future.

Health Care Services

Fund critical health initiatives including clinics and mobile healthcare drives that save and improve the quality of refugees’ lives.

Infrastructure Development

Help build essential community infrastructure like clean water facilities and weatherproof shelter that uplifts entire communities.


Versatility and Impact

Lillah funds are flexible and can be used in numerous projects that provide long-term benefits to the community.


We commit to complete transparency about how every donation is used, ensuring your contributions make the maximum impact.

Continuous Charity

Invest in projects that keep on giving back, helping generations to come and breaking the cycle of poverty that refugees face.

Be a Part of the Change

Every donation for the sake of Allah and to benefit refugees, no matter how small, helps. Join Ethar Relief in our efforts to make a sustainable difference in the lives of the most vulnerable. [Donate now].


Contribute to Lillah: Be a beacon of hope in times of crisis.


Ethar Relief is a UK-based humanitarian organisation dedicated to easing the suffering of refugees in East Africa and surrounding regions, with a focus on the long-neglected Eritrean refugees who fled to Eastern Sudan, Yemen and Djibouti. 

Since its establishment in 2006, Ethar has worked tirelessly to address the critical needs of these communities, including severe hunger, disease, water scarcity, and the impact of conflicts and natural calamities. 

Our organisation embodies the ethos of 'Ethar', an Arabic term meaning altruism, love, and affection, which drives us to offer selfless, unconditional support to those in dire need. Ethar Relief, led by individuals who have themselves experienced the harsh realities of refugee life, leverages nearly two decades of dedication and the generous support of our donors and partners to improve lives and foster hope among the forgotten refugees of East Africa. 

We invite all to join us in this noble humanitarian mission to provide not just aid, but a path to a better future for those who have endured so much.