Remembering The Forgotten

Ethar began in 2006, but in reality its seed was planted in our hearts even earlier than that. Since then, every day our lives are punctuated by inspiration, surprises and uplifting miracles. 

Every moment that passes fills us with astonishment and wonder at the amazing achievements that sincere, dedicated people can make when they work together for the sake of others. The generosity and goodwill shown by our supporters strengthens our conviction, and gives us the determination to continue moving forward.”

​Ethar Relief delivers aid and development projects in the following locations:

Ethar cares about refugees

Ethar Relief was established in 2006 by former refugees who have all experienced the harsh reality of life in an East African refugee camp. We know what it’s like to feel suffering and persecution. Many of our Ethar Family, who now work with us, have fled conflict and feared for their lives. We never want anyone to suffer from this ever again.


We commit, with every ounce of our determination and effort, to do whatever is in our power to help refugees across East Africa and Yemen.


Our goal is to help refugees in our care regardless of ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs. Today, in addition to providing aid and a comprehensive programme of development projects, Ethar strives to raise awareness of refugees in the region, who are considered to have been forgotten by the international community. The UN Refugee Agency says that international aid for the vast number of refugees that flee conflict in the region is inadequate, and much more needs to be done to avert the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen and East Africa.


Please help these forgotten people to stand up strong and live dignified, stable lives.

Meet the Ethar Family

Our amazing team (the Ethar “Family”) consists of a mixture of staff, partners and volunteers. Additionally, we ensure there’s fixed in-country presence in every region where we operate, and our provision is highly specialised according to our local knowledge and expertise.


Coming soon: Team profiles so you can get to know us even better!