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Transform Lives with Sadaqah & Sadaqah-Jariyah (Continuous Charity)


Sadaqah represents a voluntary charity that goes beyond monetary donations, to encompass every act of kindness intended to ease the hardships of others. Sadaqah Jariyah further extends this concept to ongoing charity that continues to benefit people over time, such as building schools or wells.

Refugees across East Africa are in great need of both kinds of charitable donations, the one-off and the continuous. At Ethar Relief, we channel your Sadaqah to support disadvantaged communities, particularly refugees and displaced individuals in the Horn of Africa and Yemen.


Transform Lives Through Education

Your contributions can sponsor education for children in refugee camps, providing them not just with knowledge but hope and a path towards a brighter future.

Health and Well-being

Your Sadaqah donations help us deliver essential medical supplies and services to those who have limited access to healthcare or health aids such as wheelchairs, spectacles or crutches.

Sustainable Development

Through your Sadaqah Jariyah, we invest in long-term solutions such as water wells and women development projects, helping communities become self-sufficient and resilient.

Sadaqah Jariyah: A Legacy of Giving

Consider Sadaqah Jariyah to make a lasting impact. From building schools and sponsoring orphans’ education to installing sustainable water systems, your ongoing charity continues to benefit others long after the initial gift.

The Impact of Your Sadaqah

See the difference you make through stories and updates directly from those who benefit from your generosity. Our annual reports and ongoing updates keep you connected to the progress we achieve together. Take a look in our Annual Report section to find out more.


Choose how you want to contribute:

  • One-time Donation: Make a one-off donation to support a specific cause.
  • Monthly Giving: Join our community of monthly donors to help us plan and implement long-term projects for refugees who have nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I give Sadaqah? Anytime. There is no set amount or specific time for Sadaqah—it is as you wish, reflecting the sincerity of your intent.
  • Who benefits from my Sadaqah? Your Sadaqah reaches refugees, displaced families, and extremely poor and marginalised communities across East Africa and Yemen, focusing on immediate relief and sustainable development.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Every donation, big or small, makes a real difference. Your generosity can light up lives and lift spirits.


Donate your sadaqah or give towards a sadaqah jariyah today, and create sustainable change.


Ethar Relief is a UK-based humanitarian organisation dedicated to easing the suffering of refugees in East Africa and surrounding regions, with a focus on the long-neglected Eritrean refugees who fled to Eastern Sudan, Yemen and Djibouti. 

Since its establishment in 2006, Ethar has worked tirelessly to address the critical needs of these communities, including severe hunger, disease, water scarcity, and the impact of conflicts and natural calamities. 

Our organisation embodies the ethos of 'Ethar', an Arabic term meaning altruism, love, and affection, which drives us to offer selfless, unconditional support to those in dire need. Ethar Relief, led by individuals who have themselves experienced the harsh realities of refugee life, leverages nearly two decades of dedication and the generous support of our donors and partners to improve lives and foster hope among the forgotten refugees of East Africa. 

We invite all to join us in this noble humanitarian mission to provide not just aid, but a path to a better future for those who have endured so much.