Bank Interest

‘Purify’ Your Wealth: Donate Bank Interest


In Islam, Riba refers to interest or usurious gains obtained from financial transactions, which is considered impermissible. Ethar Relief offers a way to ‘purify’ your wealth by donating these funds to help those in dire need, without directly benefiting from the interest yourself.


Interest funds can be used to finance development programmes for refugees such as the Ethar Women Development Project, enabling the most vulnerable groups of refugees to gain essential skills training, start small businesses and regain their independence.

How Your Donation of Bank Interest Helps Refugees

  • Community Welfare Projects: Funds are directed towards welfare projects that do not involve religious or spiritual activities, in compliance with Islamic guidelines.
  • Emergency Aid: Support emergency relief efforts where the use of such funds is permissible.

How to Donate Your Interest (Riba) Money to East African Refugee Causes

  1. Determine the Amount: Calculate or identify the amount of interest money you wish to donate.
  2. Online Donation: Use our secure online portal to make your donation.
  3. Bank Transfer: You can transfer your funds directly to a specified account.


Why Donate to Ethar Relief?

  • Compliance with Islamic Principles: We ensure that the funds are used in ways that are permissible and ethical under Islamic rulings.
  • Transparency and Accountability: We provide annual reports on how your donations are used, ensuring transparency.

Get Involved

By donating your interest money, you are not only ‘purifying’ your own wealth but also contributing to humanitarian causes that make a significant difference in the lives of many vulnerable refugee families across Sudan, Djibouti and Yemen.


‘Purify’ your savings: Turn interest into opportunities for East African refugees.


Ethar Relief is a UK-based humanitarian organisation dedicated to easing the suffering of refugees in East Africa and surrounding regions, with a focus on the long-neglected Eritrean refugees who fled to Eastern Sudan, Yemen and Djibouti. 

Since its establishment in 2006, Ethar has worked tirelessly to address the critical needs of these communities, including severe hunger, disease, water scarcity, and the impact of conflicts and natural calamities. 

Our organisation embodies the ethos of 'Ethar', an Arabic term meaning altruism, love, and affection, which drives us to offer selfless, unconditional support to those in dire need. Ethar Relief, led by individuals who have themselves experienced the harsh realities of refugee life, leverages nearly two decades of dedication and the generous support of our donors and partners to improve lives and foster hope among the forgotten refugees of East Africa. 

We invite all to join us in this noble humanitarian mission to provide not just aid, but a path to a better future for those who have endured so much.