Host an Aqiqah 

Celebrate New Life with Aqiqah


Aqiqah is a sunnah act performed in gratitude for a new child, involving the sacrifice of animals and sharing the meat with family, friends, and also the poor and needy.

At Ethar Relief, we facilitate Aqiqah to provide for families in need, strengthening community bonds and sharing blessings. The sharing of Aqiqah in this way provides a beautiful start in life for your new child, and also strengthens the bonds within the ‘Ethar Family’ – where we feel the same ties of kinship with our East African refugee brothers and sisters as we do within our own families and communities locally.


Organise Aqiqah ceremonies where the benefits double as community feasts for refugee camps, providing both celebration and sustenance to those in dire need.

Celebrate Your Child's Birth

  • Aqiqah for a Boy: Traditionally involves sacrificing two sheep or goats.
  • Aqiqah for a Girl: Involves sacrificing one sheep or goat.

How We Use Your Aqiqah Donation

Your contributions help us distribute fresh, nutritious meat to extremely poor refugee families across the Horn of Africa and Yemen, ensuring they partake in your joy and receive much-needed sustenance. Most of the refugees we serve don’t get to eat meat regularly, and when we distribute your Aqiqah we often find young refugees have never had the chance to eat meat in their entire lives.

The Aqiqah Ceremony

The sacrifice typically occurs on the seventh day after birth but can be scheduled later. The meat is distributed among the needy, celebrating with a meal that brings joy and delight to the community, as well as sincere prayers for the ones who have provided the meat.


Why Choose Ethar Relief for Aqiqah?

  • Impactful: Your donation provides essential food aid.
  • Transparent: We ensure that your donation is used effectively and exactly as you’ve asked.
  • Compliant: All procedures comply with Islamic guidelines on Aqiqah.

How to Arrange Aqiqah

  1. Decide your Type of Aqiqah: Choose from either one, two or more animals to sacrifice.
  2. Make Your Donation: You can donate online, via bank transfer, or in person at our UK office.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Aqiqah mandatory? It is highly encouraged as a Sunnah.
  • Can Aqiqah be delayed? Yes, while the seventh day is traditionally recommended, it can be performed later.

Get Involved

Celebrate your child's birth with an act of charity that supports those in dire need.


Host an Aqiqah: Spread joy and nourishment for refugees.


Ethar Relief is a UK-based humanitarian organisation dedicated to easing the suffering of refugees in East Africa and surrounding regions, with a focus on the long-neglected Eritrean refugees who fled to Eastern Sudan, Yemen and Djibouti. 

Since its establishment in 2006, Ethar has worked tirelessly to address the critical needs of these communities, including severe hunger, disease, water scarcity, and the impact of conflicts and natural calamities. 

Our organisation embodies the ethos of 'Ethar', an Arabic term meaning altruism, love, and affection, which drives us to offer selfless, unconditional support to those in dire need. Ethar Relief, led by individuals who have themselves experienced the harsh realities of refugee life, leverages nearly two decades of dedication and the generous support of our donors and partners to improve lives and foster hope among the forgotten refugees of East Africa. 

We invite all to join us in this noble humanitarian mission to provide not just aid, but a path to a better future for those who have endured so much.