• 2021 Ramadan

    What we did with your donations during Ramadan 2021 

    & how it was distributed.

    Ramadan Update
    Qurbani Upate

​This Ramadan we raised over:


A phenomenal effort by you, our supporters and a fantastic effort by the global Ethar family. This year Ethar surpassed all previous results. You raised in excess of £1.6M and the impact you made on the forgotten refugees was unbelievable. We reached thousands of refugees in Sudan, Djibouti, Yemen, Ethiopia & Somalia. 

Where our donations came from

Where it was allocated

Food Fund


13K Food Packs

13,000 food packs distributed. Over 90,000 beneficiaries from our food pack distribution. (7 per family)

3K Iftars

3,000 people were provided with Iftar in Yemen & Djibouti

Water Fund


13K Water Beneficiaries

13,000 people benefited from our water distribution in Yemen

25 Community Wells

25 Community water wells and 1 large water fund secured

Sponsorship Fund


Orphan/Disabled Children

With your donations we have managed to fund our orphans / disabled children sponsorship programme to support the most vulnerable children in the refugee camps

More details to follow

Covid-19 Fund


20K Beneficiaries (Um Gargoor)

The Covid-19 programme benefited over 20,000 people in Um-Gargoor and Shagrab refugee camps, with a further 30,000 beneficiaries in other locations

Zakat Fund

20K beneficiaries


People benefited from the Zakat Fitr distribution


People benefited from Zakat Mal cash distribution

Education Fund


2.4K Students

Fund for 6 schools secured benefiting 2,400 students

Education is the key to their futures, a key that you have handed to them!

Shelter Fund

6 Shelters

Construction of 6 shelters/huts housing 45 people

Not just a shelter but a sense of ownership and dignity for the refugees. You made this happen!

​Our Qurbani campaign raised over:


This Dhul Hijjah our Qurbani/Udhiyah campaign enabled us to deliver to over 68,000 beneficiaries. Reaching refugees in Sudan, Djibouti, Yemen & Ethiopia 

Please Note: Availability of cows for Qurbani in Ethiopia was limited this year. However, these were substituted with sheep to fulfil the Qurbani.

​Our Beneficiaries

  Ramadan 2021
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