There’s no time to waste. Each day, the global pandemic draws nearer to the refugee camps in Sudan, Yemen and Djibouti. 


Donate now to prepare refugees for the emergency response to Covid-19.

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In a refugee camp there are no resources, 
facilities & organisations to keep you safe

You cannot prepare for an emergency if you have no food

You cannot maintain hygiene without clean water

You cannot keep well without basic medicines

You cannot self-isolate if you have no shelter

You cannot stay safe if you don’t have a home

Donate now to prepare refugees for the emergency response to Covid-19.

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Protection for Key Workers


Provides PPE & hygiene kits for 12+ medical staff

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Mobile Water Distribution


Water distribution to 20 families/day

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Emergency Food Packs


1 month provision for families affected by COVID-19

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Medical Care


Contributes towards medical treatment to include: Transportation, medication & hygiene & cleaning kit.

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Awareness Training


Provides training for 10 key workers to conduct community outreach including training & hygiene kit.

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In recent weeks we’ve all felt moments of difficulty, worry, and danger. Some of us have even suffered illness and loss. This is the daily experience of a refugee living in a camp.

The Covid-19 coronavirus is a global threat to public health, and we all know the advice on how to minimise its spread and effects. Covid-19 cases are on the rise, and the only way to slow down its devastation is to act now and put drastic measures in place

The global pandemic has reached Sudan, Yemen, and Djibouti, with confirmed cases in each country. Ethar Relief operates on the ground already, distributing aid and medical care to the needy. This time, our response is unlike any other emergency.


We are acting now to prepare the most vulnerable, forgotten people for the coronavirus and its effects. We must act before the virus hits the camps – afterwards will be too late.

We must act before the virus hits the camps – afterwards will be too late.

Act Now

Your emergency Zakat & 

Sadaqah will provide:


Food provisions: Supply of food and other basic provisions ahead of lockdown to reduce fatalities due to starvation, and reduce the need for refugees to travel looking for food.

Food is going to be a huge challenge for refugees during this time. They won’t be able to isolate without good food provisions.


Protection for key workers: Personal protection equipment (PPE) and hygiene kits for medical staff and front-line workers. It’s vitally important we safeguard key workers and patients to prevent rapid spread of the virus. These are being sourced now, but we need more funds to get more equipment.


Water Provision: Mobile water distribution to refugees and isolated communities so they can stay clean, and not have to travel unnecessarily and congregate together near wells. Washing your hands and staying hydrated could be the difference between life and death.

Medical Care: Controlling the spread of Covid-19 and its death toll by providing essential medical care such as ambulance service for quick access to clinics and hospitals where needed


Awareness Campaign: Educating and supporting community leaders, teachers and support workers to share safe practices to reduce the spread of the virus. This is vital so that refugees know clearly about the dangers – they do not have internet, smartphones, or 24-hour news.


This cannot wait, and your response is extremely time-sensitive! 

Please do not ignore this – your donation could directly save a life.

Save A Life

​I want to support the fight against COVID-19 

We’ll use your funds exactly as you’ve asked, and spend them on the project you’ve specified. There are many different challenges facing refugees in the areas where we operate, and new difficulties often appear; in the rare cases where the need elsewhere becomes greater still, we may redistribute your funds within the response area to respond best to that particular emergency.