Do something positive, fun and active, raising money to support the people of Yemen.


The Cause

Ethar Relief are launching The Great Yemen Race, and we really want you to get involved. It doesn’t matter how fit (or unfit!) you are, you can set a challenge of your choice and raise funds for refugees in Yemen.

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The cause


We all know what’s happening in Yemen today, and every day. The war, now in its 6th year, has torn the country apart and completely destroyed countless lives, displacing and driving millions of people from their homes.


It’s the world’s biggest humanitarian emergency. 2 in 3 Yemenis can't afford to buy food.[i]


A lesser known fact about Yemen is that it was already hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees before the war. More than a quarter of a million people[ii] have fled to Yemen from countries around the Horn of Africa affected by conflict, famine, and natural disasters. Now, those people are in even greater danger than before.


Ethar Relief is a key provider of life-saving support for thousands of Eritrean refugees and Yemeni displaced people in the camps of Kharaz and the Al Khokha region. With your help, we provide them with the essential basics for survival:

    1.       Family food packs which last a month

    2.       Mobile clean water distribution

    3.       Medicine and treatment for injuries and diseases


Now more than ever, they need your help!




[i] Source: UNHCR, August 2020

[ii] Source: UNHCR, August 2020


How it works

Do something positive, fun and active, raising money to support the people of Yemen.

Step 1

Choose your activity:

 Walk, run, cycle, swim – or do anything else you can

Step 2

Sign up 


& tell everyone about it

Step 3

Get people to sponsor you

 We’ll give you your own fundraising page and share link

Step 4

Do your activity

Meet your target, save lives!

Be like Taha

Taha is a just regular guy living and working in London. But is he? He heard about The Great Yemen Race and decided to do an amazing thing.


He’s going to be cycling the distance of the whole of Yemen, end to end! What a guy!

Follow Taha

Naturally, he can’t do this across Yemen itself, so he’ll be cycling the equivalent mileage across the UK and tracking his progress with a [mini-vlog]. We hope his trusty bike holds up, and his legs as well.


[Follow Taha]


Ready, Set, Go!

You're awesome. 

Thank you for getting this far. To us everyone is a winner. No matter what your activity, we salute you. The people of Yemen are rooting for you!

Don't worry, the Ethar team are here by your side every step of the way. If you have any questions you can always reach out to us. Just drop us an email at tgyr@etharrelief.org 

Good Luck!

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