State of emergency declared as worst floods in decades devastate the region

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This is a climate emergency, and floods such as this will keep happening unless the international community responds and huge infrastructure changes are made. Until then, Ethar's priority will always be to alleviate suffering and preserve life.

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Where we work

The refugees in the camps in East Sudan have been severely affected by one of the most devastating floods to ever hit the area. At this moment of greatest emergency, Ethar Relief is prioritising food, clean water, temporary shelter and medical care for injuries and water-borne disease.

Ethar is providing aid and much needed support to the refugees in the Kilo 26 and Toker camps.

We've been working with these deserving and forgotten people for over a decade and can respond quickly now - with your support

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Raising funds to provide urgent medical aid, food packs, clean water, and mosquito nets for those affected by the flooding. This emergency response can’t wait, so please help now!


Floods not only sweep away entire huts and shelters, but also bring deadly diseases carried by the dirty, stagnant water that’s left behind.



Refugee camps (K26, Um Gargour, & Shagarab)

South Tokar


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   Your Zakat can contribute towards the recovery of the refugees in the camp who are suffering directly from the devastating flash floods.


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​Refugee Camps

Kilo 26

Kilo 26 refugee camp is one of the main refugee camps that we’ve been serving ever since Ethar Relief was established. The camp, located around 100km from the eastern city of Kassala, has been accepting Eritrean refugees for over 50 years. Generations of people trapped in the camps have spent their entire lives there. There are estimated to be over 15,000 residents of this camp and a large proportion of these people have been affected by the recent flooding.


Before the disaster struck, we’d been using your donations to keep families in Kilo 26 fed and their children in school, but now that the floods have hit we need to act even more urgently. Dozens of families have completely lost the huts they live in, and their entire belongings have been swept away. Ethar is using all available dry shelters to house these devastated families, but these are only temporary and do not contain the necessary washing facilities, protection from the weather, and anti-mosquito prevention measures.


Refugee camps are not generally located in the most ideal areas, and tend to have been originally established due to need rather than optimum conditions. For this reason, Kilo 26 is susceptible to flooding from time to time, and is also vastly over-populated. This combination of conditions makes the emergency even more devastating and requires us to be very fast in our response, in order to preserve life. 


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We’ll use your funds exactly as you’ve asked, and spend them on the project you’ve specified. There are many different challenges facing refugees in the areas where we operate, and new difficulties often appear; in the rare cases where the need elsewhere becomes greater still, we may redistribute your funds within the response area to respond best to that particular emergency. 

  Ramadan 2021
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