The Beauty In Consistency

The most beloved actions to Allah SWT are the ones which are consistent, no matter how small
Even though Ramadan has passed, we are still here, together, all of us!
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​We're here for the benefit of the voiceless 
and forgotten refugees.

We share their joy as much as we share their difficulties. Your action, that’s consistent and regular can provide the security they need right now

Your regular contributions are vital to keep these essential projects strong all year round. Every amount you give is important and appreciated.
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Families, particularly those with young children, rely on food packs to stay healthy all year round. Read More

50p/Day feeds 2 refugees

(£15 per month Food Pack)

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Finding water is a huge challenges for refugees. If clean water can’t be accessed, it’s a massive danger to life. Read More

33p/day provides clean water for up to 200 people

(£10 per month in Yemen serves 750 people) (£10 per month in Sudan serves 200 people)

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Orphan Sponsorship

We want to provide every orphaned child with stability, safety and opportunity. Read More

83p/day changes a life forever

(£25 per month to sponsor an orphan)

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Help them break free from the poverty cycle.

33p/Day - Support a child through education

(£25 per month to sponsor an orphan)

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Improve their quality of life.

£1/Day - Provide essential medical care

(£30 per month)

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Regular Giving

  Ramadan 2021
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