News - 7 April 2021

Ethar Relief in partnership with muzmatch

A message from the CEO of Ethar

I’m delighted to announce a wonderful, beautiful collaboration between Ethar Relief and muzmatch. To partner with such a forward-thinking, positive and uplifting organisation is an honour and privilege for all of us at Ethar. We welcome everyone involved with muzmatch – whether a staff member or app user – into the Ethar Family. There are certainly parallels between our organisations: The Ethar Family is a group of people who’ve come together from all walks of life, based on a shared concern and love for people in need. That’s what a great match is all about – shared values that we hold dear and the pursuit of passions that help us grow and develop into our best selves.


Together, Ethar and muzmatch are going to work on a ground-breaking new humanitarian project. We’re building a fully functioning community bakery in Um Gargour refugee camp, one of the longest established camps in East Sudan. The proposed bakery will provide warm, fresh bread to thousands of refugees who are permanently resident there. Additionally, the bakery will create opportunities for refugees to gain employment directly as staff and more widely within the supply chain and distribution, including lots of fantastic skills that can be transferred to other aspects of their lives. This is something that’s currently unheard of - such an opportunity is far out of reach for the people living in Um Gargour at the moment.


This project, however, is about so much more than providing fresh bread, employment and training. Ultimately, it’s about spreading love and developing a beautiful relationship based on dignity and respect - between ourselves as humanitarians, donors, and supporters, and the deserving residents of Um Gargour thousands of miles away. For the refugees who often wonder if they’ve been completely forgotten, just knowing that we care deeply about them is uplifting and encouraging.


Great relationships are formed on mutual love, trust, and respect. I feel this abundantly towards the whole team at muzmatch, and I know that it’s reciprocated. I admire the great work muzmatch is doing for generations of people here in the UK and further afield. Furthermore, getting to know muzmatch and seeing how well the service works has been a revelation. I personally feel a bit less pressure to be a matchmaker for some of the singletons I meet in our offices - I now know where to send them!


The most important thing for all of us involved is that we uphold our humanitarian ideals and work tirelessly to achieve our collective goals. I’m absolutely certain that we’ll be successful in our endeavour together, and that it’ll make a huge difference to precious lives.


Thanking the Ethar Family and everyone at muzmatch for making this dream a reality. We know the recipe is good. Now, let's preheat the oven and start assembling all the ingredients.


Eagerly looking forward to a bright future and a lasting, productive partnership.


Sultan Omar

CEO of Ethar Relief