Ethar Relief Honours the Legacy of Founder Mr Sultan Omar as He Assumes New Role as President

8th February 2024, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

8th February 2024, Birmingham, United Kingdom.


"I sincerely believe that we would not have achieved success in helping so many people if it wasn't for the sincere prayers and encouragement of the refugees themselves. They have been a source of strength and encouragement that kept us going in the face of incredible challenges. Whenever they raised their hands in prayer, we saw goodness come from it." - Sultan Omar


Ethar Relief, a cornerstone in the humanitarian landscape dedicated to supporting East African refugees, today celebrates the remarkable journey of its founder, Mr Sultan Omar, as he transitions to the role of President after over 17 years of visionary leadership as CEO.


In 2006, Mr Omar embarked on a mission with a clear vision and heartfelt commitment to serve refugees and assist those facing formidable difficulties. With a profound dedication to his faith and a sincere pledge to serve those in need, Mr Omar laid the foundation for what would become Ethar Relief as we know it today.


Mr Omar reflected, “I was a refugee myself. Life without rights, citizenship, or stability is the harshest life. We were pushed from place to place, in fear every day. In establishing Ethar, I’ve been supported, by the grace of Allah, by so many countless people who had sincerity in their hearts and shared my determination to help those who were left behind from where I came – in refugee camps, forgotten. The support of my family, especially my wife and my daughter in those difficult early days, has nurtured Ethar into the thriving humanitarian organisation it is today.”


Reflecting on the journey, Mr Omar expressed deep gratitude towards the Board of Trustees, volunteers, and all contributors whose collective efforts have been integral to Ethar's success. "It has been an honour to lead Ethar Relief, and I am immensely grateful for the support and dedication of everyone involved in this great humanitarian project," stated Mr Omar.


As Mr. Omar assumes his new role as President, day-to-day leadership of the organisation passes to Mr Saeed Abdelrahman, the newly appointed interim CEO, whose experience and dedication assure the continuation of Ethar's humanitarian mission. Mr Omar's confidence in Mr Abdelrahman's abilities underscores a seamless transition and a promising future for Ethar.


Mr Omar remains committed to fostering strong relationships and enhancing his role in supporting Ethar's mission. "I look forward to contributing in new ways to the growth and prosperity of Ethar Relief," he said, expressing his thanks for the support received from communities around the world.


Ethar Relief stands at the threshold of a new era, building on the legacy of its founder while aspiring to greater growth and impact. The organisation remains dedicated to its mission of serving displaced and marginalised communities, and is poised for continued success with the support and guidance of Mr Omar in his new capacity.


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About Ethar Relief: Further information and notes to editors


Ethar Relief is a UK-registered charity established to help refugees, displaced and disadvantaged people in the Horn of Africa region. It was set up more than a decade ago by former refugees from Eritrea who grew up in refugee camps and in other conditions of displacement. The charity's primary aim is to bring an end to the suffering that exists for refugees and their communities, and improve their lived experiences. Ethar also advocates for the rights and humanitarian needs of refugees, and raises awareness of refugee issues on a global platform.


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