Sponsor a disabled child and give them the hope, joy and dignity they deserve. Disabled children, especially orphans, are targeted by disease and disadvantage - many don’t survive into adulthood. A small regular contribution from you changes their life forever.

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Sponsor a disabled child - Your Sadaqah, Your Zakat

Disabled children have needs that no-one can meet in the refugee camp. When families are struggling to find food and clean water, they can’t think about additional things like medicines, a wheelchair, suitable bed, or the other resources needed to care for a disabled child. 


Worse still is the plight of the many disabled orphans, who risk their lives daily trying to survive in the hostile environment alone. With no-one to care for them, they are often the first to die whenever disease and severe weather sweep the camp. They’re also very vulnerable to all kinds of danger, exploitation, discrimination and attacks.

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Any amount as a general donation (Sadaqah or Zakat) to the special needs programme.

Sponsorship Provides

Basic needs: Daily meals, clothes, medical care
Support worker and respite care for family
Rehabilitation, educational support & specialist equipment

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