A four part series of personal sacrifices made by the refugees across the  camps in Sudan, Yemen, Djibouti & Ethiopia

Names have been changed to protect the privacy and dignity of our dear brothers and sisters within the refugee camps. 
​I​n some cases, the refugees themselves have chosen the alternative name by which we should refer to them.

Hajj is a precious experience for every believer, and as soon as we have the means we strive to perform the best and most perfect Hajj we can.

One such person was Abdullah ibn Mubarak, the great 8th-century scholar and Islamic personality. It's said that he would perform Hajj each year, and take many people with him to fulfil their dreams of pilgrimage too.


On his way to Hajj one year, he met a poor family forced to scavenge dead animals for food. Shocked, he immediately left all his money and provisions for the journey with them, and returned to his village empty-handed.

More than just Hajj?

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Upon his arrival, to his surprise, he found the people bearing witness to his Hajj! Allah had accepted his charitable action and caused the people to perceive that Abdullah had performed Hajj anyway.


That year, he gained the reward for his charity AND the reward for Hajj. Abdullah ibn Mubarak went on to complete many more Hajj journeys in his lifetime.


2020 has been difficult and we know there's no Hajj for travellers. Can we replace this with other great actions that please Allah?



When she was 14, Hawa’s parents passed away within 6 months of each other - her father first, and then her mother. Death due to disease and malnutrition is common in the refugee camps of East Sudan. Alone and with 3 younger siblings, she assumed the role of a parent and caregiver to her family, navigating the severe dangers which the refugee camps present to orphan children. Tragically, her brother, the youngest of the family, also passed away from disease a few months later.

In the years that followed, Hawa sacrificed her education, prospects, dreams and youth to make sure that she and her siblings survived. She continued this battle consistently until all the siblings grew to an age where they were strong and independent. Nothing prepared her for this role, and no-one was there to help. 

Now young adults, Ethar Relief is in touch with them and distributes some of your Qurbani to them every year – a small but welcome gift. Whenever we do this, they always share the Qurbani widely with as many people as they can.

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