News - 31 December 2020

Thank you from all of us

To my amazing, wonderful Ethar Family

What can I say apart from Thank You? It’s been such a strange, challenging, and downright difficult year for everyone. For the refugees, it wasn’t just Covid; there were floods, droughts, outbreaks of other diseases, famines, and escalations in conflict that tore communities apart. Faced with these challenges in the most difficult year on record, it would have been easy for us all to lose hope.

But one thing remained consistent, ever-present and ever-increasing: your amazing support; your determined will to keep going and keep helping.

Who would have thought that in such a year as 2020, we would still reach and exceed all our targets to help refugees? Who would have thought that among all the calls we made for help in different regions and for different emergencies, every single call would be answered?

You have done this. You have achieved this amazing feat. You have given us hope and bright light in moments of darkness. Our work to help the most forgotten people on earth is indeed great, worthwhile, and important, but we couldn’t do any of it without you.

This isn’t just because you are supporters, donors, partners, and awareness-raisers. This is because you are part of this wonderful Ethar Family, a concept which brings us together upon shared values and goals. You feel, just as we do, the need for positive, active, and conscious humanitarian efforts in this unforgiving world. You share our feelings towards those less fortunate, those who are caught up in conflict and chaos through no fault of their own.  

You are the ones who notice and respond when someone whispers a call for help thousands of miles away. You are the ones who act when others send thoughts and prayers. 

We appreciate and value your incredible support. We admire your willpower and determination to get things done, no matter how tightly we are all squeezed, no matter the constraints of time and resources. We cherish you as our family. 

With that, I pray that you have a joyful, fulfilling, and prosperous start to 2021. I hope that it brings more love, harmony, and goodness in this world. I’m sure that, collectively, we will work towards that. 

In light and peace, 

Sultan Omar