Save our Primary School in Karakora

Help us re-build the School and give 300 children access to Education.

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​Extreme weather conditions have damaged a primary school in the village of Karakora rendering the school unsafe. 

Karakora is home to over 7,000 impoverished people with very few services in place.
​We urgently need your support for urgent roof and structural repairs, to give 300 children their school back.

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Help us reach our target and give back the school to the students.



Classroom construction

You can pledge to sponsor  the construction of a classroom and raise funds through your networks for this worthy cause. 



Classroom refurbishment

Contribute towards the refurbishment of classrooms that have been damaged.



construction contribution

Make a general contribution towards the construction of the school



Clean water

Provide each child with clean drinking water for the year


We need your support to make the school safe!

We aim to make our schools safe and secure for refugee children, providing security in a life of uncertainty. An education allows them to flourish, and we want to ensure all their basic needs are met so they can focus on their studies without worry. The students are at higher risk of catching COVID-19 without access to clean water.

Funds are needed for

  • Emergency renovations – New roof and wall repairs – to make the school safe.
  • Build of a new room and WaSH facilities – Providing adequate teaching space and dignified toilet facilities. Children and staff will no longer have to resort to going outside to relieve themselves, creating a health hazard and risking the spread of disease.
  • Build of a small kitchen – to provide meals.
  • Clean Water supply for students and staff – to quench their thirst and safeguard them from the spread of disease.
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​Donate Now

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  Ramadan 2021
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