Press Release  - 11 October 2021 

Important changes to Ethar Relief's structure

As the charity grows and develops, the change to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) has become necessary for future progression and to ensure the long-term stability of the organisation’s goals.


October 2021, United Kingdom. Ethar Relief is pleased to announce that it is transferring over to a new charitable structure. From 10th October 2021, Ethar Relief is changing its existing UK charitable registration status to become a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). This will lead to Ethar being issued with a new Charity Registration Number by the UK Charity Commission.


A lot has changed at Ethar since it first registered as a charity in the UK in 2006, over 15 years ago. Since establishment, there has been positive growth in all areas: in the number of people who support the charity, the number of partners who work with Ethar, and most importantly the number of refugees and marginalised people who have been helped to live better, safer lives.


A spokesperson for Ethar stated:

“We would like to reassure our beloved supporters that your Ethar is not changing, and we're not going anywhere. While this change will have a gradual influence on our internal administration and other processes, the Ethar that you love and the Ethar Family that we are all proud to be members of is not changing in any shape or form. We are still just as committed to refugees and the communities that support them, and still humbled by your 15 years - and counting - of generous, tireless support.”


The change will help Ethar make improvements to every aspect of the charity, including structure, governance, processes and procedures, all of which are key to effective ongoing management and stability of its existing and future projects. As Ethar expands its operations to help more people in need, the new structure will also help the organisation operate effectively in various jurisdictions around the world.


Sultan Omar, CEO of Ethar Relief, commented:

“It’s always an exciting time at Ethar, because we’re an organisation that lives and breathes according to our core values. The CIO step is just one of the changes that comes along as we progress in our journey as a humanitarian organisation. Although this change alone doesn’t define us, it is representative of the spirit of growth and improvement which we have seen year-on-year at Ethar.”


Further information and notes to editors


Ethar Relief is a UK-registered charity established to help refugees, displaced and disadvantaged people in the Horn of Africa region. It was set up more than a decade ago by former refugees from Eritrea who grew up in refugee camps and in other conditions of displacement. The charity's primary aim is to bring an end to the suffering that exists for refugees and their communities, and improve their lived experiences. Ethar also advocates for the rights and humanitarian needs of refugees, and raises awareness of refugee issues on a global platform.


Contact for more information, or to reach the press team. Further information on Ethar’s structure, governance and processes can be found on the website, from our publicly available annual reports, or requested from If you have an ongoing financial arrangement with Ethar, this is unaffected by the changeover, but updated information and clarifications can be obtained from