• Ethiopia Crisis

    A sudden escalation in conflict has broken out in Ethiopia, centred around the Tigray region near to the borders of Eritrea and Sudan.

    Now, another urgent threat to life has emerged.



Help us reach our target and support the displaced people of Ethiopia 


The severity of the conflict has threatened the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom were already vulnerable. A huge number of those affected were already refugees or internally displaced by the recent floods, natural disasters and regional conflicts.

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​The accounts of the horrors they have seen are beyond description. They have experienced the worst that a human being can possibly witness. Traumatised, they need water, food, and medicine, but they must also receive our care and kindness. We must show them humanity and restore their hope and spirit.

To start with, hundreds of people were arriving over the border into East Sudan, where Ethar is already working in refugee camps. Now, that number has become thousands. The authorities estimate that a quarter of a million refugees are likely to arrive into camps over the next few weeks. In order to prevent another humanitarian disaster, we must give aid to those arriving now and prepare well to receive those who arrive tomorrow

What is the need?

Right now, we need to give people essentials to survive. We must do everything we can to keep them alive and well. Ethar is providing shelter, water, food and medicine. This includes basic preventative measures to stop disease outbreak, such as mosquito nets to put around children as they sleep.

We can’t emphasise what a desperate situation this is. But, we are already there with the refugees and we know how to help. We just need to make sure that we have enough to take care of everyone who needs us.             

Please donate all you can to save lives.

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In any humanitarian crisis, there are a variety of issues which affect the situation, both historic and contemporary. We are aware that many people will have specific and often strong views on aspects of the crisis, and this is not the first regional crisis to provoke strong opinion.

Nonetheless, our sole objective is to assist the refugees and those in need first and foremost, irrespective of political affiliations, race, gender, disability or religious belief.

Political statements or endorsements of any kind can be detrimental to charitable work when fundraising and delivering aid to those in need. As such, statements - however well intentioned - can detract from our collective humanitarian aims.

We commit to maintaining our humanitarian neutrality for the sake of serving those who are in desperate need, regardless of affiliation or background. We encourage our dear supporters to approach this work with the same spirit.

We’ll use your funds exactly as you’ve asked, and spend them on the project you’ve specified. There are many different challenges facing refugees in the areas where we operate, and new difficulties often appear; in the rare cases where the need elsewhere becomes greater still, we may redistribute your funds within the response area to respond best to that particular emergency.