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    ​Flash floods devastate the region

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From Drought to Floods: Help vulnerable, displaced people pick themselves up from repeated climate devastation.

The Afar region of Ethiopia is known for its natural beauty – and its natural disasters. It’s home to thousands of refugees who have fled over the border from Eritrea, fleeing conflict in the nearest place they can find.

Their lives have been repeatedly devastated by a cycle of droughts, floods, and extreme climate events. Ethar is in contact with more than 1600 Eritrean refugees who’ve lost everything in the recent flooding. 

This is not just a bit of rain: people are stranded and their loved ones, property, and livestock have been swept away.

At this moment of greatest emergency, Ethar Relief is prioritising food, clean water, and medical care for injuries. Please help us to reach as many people as we can.

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Funding Target


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The region has an urgent need for Medical Aid and Food Packs for the displaced refugees.

£40 - Food Pack

£30 - Medical Aid

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Zakat Eligible

 Your Zakat can contribute towards the lives of the refugees in the region who are suffering directly from the devastating flash floods

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Project Objective(s)


  • ​To provide emergency aid to Eritrean refugees from the Asyaita (Afar region), effected by recent flooding.
  • Refugees were already contending with a lack of resources and now many have lost homes and little resources they had.
  • Aid will primarily be in the form of 
    • Family food packs £40 (average family size 7)
    • Essential medical aid £30/person to contribute towards treatment and transport
      • Besides any injuries, floods give rise to many waterborne illnesses that spread rapidly, therefore some treatments will be to treat these and prevent further spread.

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