Ethar Relief Announces New Interim CEO, Saeed Abdelrahman

18th January 2024, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Ethar Relief, a leading humanitarian organisation committed to supporting East African refugees, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Saeed Abdelrahman as its new interim Chief Executive Officer. Mr Abdelrahman succeeds Mr Sultan Omar, who has transitioned to the role of Founder and President of the organisation.


In his heartfelt address to the team, Mr Abdelrahman expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to lead Ethar Relief, recognising the humanitarian spirit that bonds the organisation. He commended the exemplary leadership of his predecessor Mr. Sultan Omar, who has been at the helm for over two decades and has been instrumental in guiding Ethar through various phases of transition, challenge, and development.


This transition marks a significant moment in Ethar Relief's history, representing both continuity and the dawn of a new chapter. Mr Abdelrahman inherits a legacy of compassion and effectiveness, and aims to build upon these foundations while introducing a renewed focus on communication and collaboration. As the new interim CEO, Mr Abdelrahman is committed to steering Ethar towards new horizons of focus and innovation, while preserving the core values and humanitarian spirit that have been the bedrock of the organisation. Central to his vision is the unwavering commitment to serve refugees and displaced communities, consistently asking himself and colleagues the fundamental question: “How does this alleviate the suffering of East African refugees? How can we do better for them?”


This focus ensures that the organisation's efforts remain closely aligned with its core mission of serving those in need. Furthermore, Mr Abdelrahman emphasises the importance of communication and collaboration to foster a strong community and humanitarian family at Ethar and beyond. His approach is to work collectively as a team, leveraging the support, advice, collaboration, and partnership of all stakeholders to achieve significant milestones for those in need.


Ethar Relief extends an invitation to all colleagues, partners, and supporters to continue their invaluable support under the new leadership. Mr Abdelrahman’s dedication to maintaining open channels of communication promises a tenure marked by collective effort and shared success in humanitarian endeavours. He concludes his announcement with a nod to his predecessor’s inspiring leadership, affirming his commitment to leading Ethar Relief in "light and peace."


For more information about Ethar Relief and its mission, or to arrange an interview with Mr Saeed Abdelrahman, please see below.


About Ethar Relief: further information and notes to editors


Ethar Relief is a UK-registered charity established to help refugees, displaced and disadvantaged people across East Africa. It was set up more than a decade ago by former refugees from Eritrea who grew up in refugee camps, and in other conditions of displacement and marginalisation. The charity's primary aim is to bring an end to the suffering that exists for refugees and their communities, and improve their lived experiences. Ethar also advocates for the rights and humanitarian needs of refugees, and raises awareness of refugee issues on a global platform.


Contact for more information, or to reach the press team. Further information on Ethar’s structure, governance and processes can be found on the website, from our publicly available annual reports, or requested from