We aim to raise funds to feed 1000 families during Ramadan. 

A huge challenge. One we want you to be part of.

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For Ramadan 2020 we are working with Ethar Relief to provide emergency meals which last for a few months. We are acting NOW to prepare the most vulnerable, forgotten people for the coronavirus and its effects.

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What we aim to achieve

​Dear supporter of Idris Foundation & Refucare
​For ramadan 2020 once again we are partnering up with our main charity Ethar Relief.

In recent weeks we’ve all felt moments of difficulty, worry, and danger.

Some of us have even suffered illness and loss.
This is the daily experience of a refugee living in a camp.

The Covid-19 coronavirus is a global threat to public health, and we all know the advice on how to minimise its spread and effects. Covid-19 cases are on the rise, and the only way to slow down its devastation is to act now and put drastic measures in place.

The global pandemic has reached Sudan, Yemen, and Djibouti, with confirmed cases in each country. Ethar Relief operates on the ground already, distributing aid and medical care to the needy. This time, their response is unlike any other emergency.

We are working with them as a partnership to provide emergency meals which will last them for a few months. We are acting now to prepare the most vulnerable, forgotten people for the coronavirus and its effects. We must act before the virus hits the camps – afterwards will be too late.

Our Goal

We aim to raise for 1000 food packs as food is going to be a huge challenge for refugees during this time. They won’t be able to isolate without good food provisions.

It is an essential right no one should live without.

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How you can help

As we are self-isolating we have thought long and hard how we can tackle this challenge. So we have decided something simple, family oriented, and close to home is key.

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The Task

Have a meal to open your fast and take a picture, or a video. Mention that the meal you are having is to raise awareness in the refugee camps and you are fundraising for 1 food pack which feeds 5 people for a month or be ambitious and do 3 food packs!

Put it on your social media and tag and nominate five people to do the same. Ask them to raise for several food packs and ask them are they up for a challenge, and they nominate 5 more people.
The link to donate will be sent to them and they can donate!

It's that simple but effective. Let's make this go viral!

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